About Chel

Born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, emerging pop artist Chel currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri where she continues to write, record, and perform her unique style of pop music on a daily basis. By blending infectious pop lyrics with a broad spectrum of musical genres, Chel has managed to create a genre that is entirely her own.

To date, Chel has recorded one debut EP. “The Chel EP” produced by legendary hip hop producer Tech Supreme. The five song record was released in February 2014. The EP is an emotionally charged powerhouse that showcases Chel’s more radio friendly records coupled with her heavy hitting ballads. The CD was released for promotional purposes only and currently has no sales statistics. Chel is currently working with an international artist development company which is helping her create the foundation for her next full length CD to be released to retail in the coming months. The partnership has given Chel the ability to formalize her image and create the musical brand that will catapult her into superstardom.

Chel has found it exceeding difficult to place her music and style into a typical “Sounds-Like” category. When asked about this, Chel replied, “I have been told that I have a very unique sound. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I do know that I hear myself differently than other artists. It’s nice to believe that I stand out in some way. I have been told that I do sound like Rihanna, Norah Jones, and Adele. Needless to say, all three of those are huge compliments”.

In fact, the up-and- coming pop artist’s music serves as more of a rebellion against the monotonous structure of sellable music that plagues the modern industry. Her sultry vocals glide over expertly created production, creating infectiously addictive music that carries more depth than your average top 10 hit. Her lyrics and style defy the normative structure of your day-to-day pop star, proving that complexity is just as marketable in pop when packaged with unforgettable hooks and nuanced chord progressions.

As an avid listener of great music in most genres, Chel admits she is inspired by a little bit of everything. Although finding a special affinity to pop music, she is also influenced by a wide spectrum of musical genres. From reggae to rap, Chel’s expansive interest in music allowed her to create a melting pot of diverse musical inspiration that ultimately helped create her own unique style. Her most notable inspirations include Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

Along with her unique style and sound, Chel also has her own unorthodox methodology when it comes to song composition. While many artists are muddled down by the intimidation of songwriting, she finds that the process is almost instinctual. Beginning with a beat, she constructs a song based on her immediate emotional response to the record. To Chel, the goal is to create a musical moment that will evoke the same sentiment in the listener. Once the right words are apparent to her, she’ll build a song around it all. This method has allowed Chel to repeatedly create music that is as relatable as it is close to her own heart.

While Chel is relatively new to the scene, her creative style and refined musical experience have not gone unnoticed. The stage has been set and it won’t be long until her name is synonymous with greatness. Stay tuned.